Lab news update

It has been a busy year for the Edwards Lab. This was my first time teaching, so things like updating the lab website have been lower on my priority list than keeping up with new course preparation. But we have some exciting news to share on a number of fronts, and some other exciting news on the horizon which I will post about later.


To start, Kinsey won a couple of large awards over the last semester. Firstly, she won a Southern California Edison Summer Fellowship worth ~$12,600 (including summer stipend and research money). Next she won the School of Natural Sciences Dean’s Distinguished Scholar Fellowship worth ~$18,000 to cover her Spring 2017 tuition and salary. Next up she won a prestigious National Geographic Waitt Grant providing her with $15,000 toward her dissertation research. Kinsey has been having a good year and we are all very proud of her achievements!


Indianna also won ~$1400 from the Associated Students of the University of California, Merced (ASUCM) Undergraduate Research Grants. This will allow her to travel to Greece to do field work with Kinsey this summer.


Laura also won ~$1600 travel award from the Environmental Systems Graduate Program to travel to the Evolution Conference this summer. She also got into the La Kretz Conservation Genomics Workshop and will be going to learn a whole bunch about undertaking conservation genomics projects!


Meg was also accepted into the Workshop on Quantitative Genetics at Friday Harbor and will be going to learn a whole bunch of new sweet skills this summer.


Justin was appointed the Environmental Systems, Ecology & Evolution (ESEE) Postdoctoral Fellow for 2017. He has been leading a bunch of meetings to promote interdisciplinary research in ESEE across campus, working with graduate students and postdocs to increase scholarly activities across UC Merced.


Kaithlen Zen Pacheco also joined our lab as an undergraduate researcher. We are very happy to have her along for the rid, and you can read a little more about Kaithlen on our People page.


Finally, myself and Kinsey wrote and won a Texas Ecolab Grant (~$14,000) to undertake research on Uta stansburiana and Urosaurus ornatus across western Texas. The lab is currently beginning a field trip to undertake this work.


That’s all for now….

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